Information about Hydrogen health care and products

Voice from Hydrogen user

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Healthy life with hydrogen

Voice from Hydrogen user

  • I have not got hang-over.

While decomposing alcohol in hepatic, Cell release a lot of Hydroxyl radical. So that hydrogen can perform the therapy of hang-over

  • I am free from fatigue after work out.

Fatigue is damage by hydroxyl radical. Hydrogen prevent hydroxyl radical to create fatigue.

  • I got a slim body by diet effect of hydrogen.

Hydrogen improve the base metabolism. Hydrogen also improve the health of diabetes patient. 

  • No muscular pain and quick recover from injury

Drinking Hydrogen water at exercise prevent the muscle itself from hydroxyl radical.

  • I often go to urinate.

Most of people say above when they drink hydrogen water. It means that Hydrogen react hydroxyl radical to H2O. And it is released as urine.

  • I am likely to get sweat.

Hydrogen and exercise or Hydrogen and hot bath brings the better base metabolism and rise the body temperature from normal mode.

  • Stain of skin becomes light and I can reduce the wrinkles.

Stain and wrinkles are caused by hydroxyl radical. Melanin is also come from hydroxyl radical.

  • I can reduce the blood pressure from 180 to 130 at upper side.

Hydroxyl radical change to lipid peroxide. Then it stick onto blood vessel inside. It brings high blood pressure. Hydrogen prevent above situation.


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