Knees pain from diabetes

Mr. Takashi Yamashita (whose name is fictitious for legal reqruiment to withold names of minors) has a diabetes which almost needs insuline injection.

HgbA1C shows 11percentHe says “I have been a patient of diabetes for 10 years. Every months I have taken medical check and treatment. The blood glucose level was beyond 300mg (Standard is 110mg or lower: Diabetes is 126mg or higher) and the number of Hgb A1c was 11% high side. (Standard is 4.3-5.8%: 6.5% or higher is counted as Diabetes).

At that time Mr. Yamashita sometimes had pains at his knees, typically for diabetes patient. He waked up 3times for urine every night. One friend of him recommended the hydrogen rich water bottle, working by electrolysis type.

Mr. Yamashita considered “It is better for me than drinking normal water”. Then he started the hydrogen life. He took 300-500ml of hydrogen rich water in the morning, lunch and dinner time. Hydrogen rich water were made by bottle every time to get fresh one. He found the significant change in his life after 1week experience to take hydrogen rich water.

After one week taking hydrogen water, I could sleep well until morning without urinal wake up at midnight.

The blood glucose level from 300mg to 180mg.

This surprised Mr. Yamashita and he decided to bring the hydrogen bottle everywhere. He tried to take hydrogen rich water in his working time. The pain of knees, which had bothered him so long time, were getting weaker and weaker.

“Noticeable symptoms of diabetes were improved and the performance of hydrogen rich water brought a good result of blood test.

HgbA1C reduces to 8percentThe blood glucose level was going down and finally it is 180-190mg. The number of Hgb A1c has changed to 8.6% (from 11%).

He also feels the sweat is smoother than before. It was more sticky before hydrogen water life.

He wants to take fresh hydrogen rich water so that he always bring hydrogen water bottle. So he expects his blood glucose level down to standard with hydrogen rich water.